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Windows – Print Directory Listing

One feature that people seem to like to do is print out the a directory content listing. By default, Windows doesn’t have this feature enabled. Microsoft has a nice utility program to fix this though. Please visit for their quick fix.  Once installed, all you have to do is right click on the directory and choose […]

Happy Birthday Jenny!!!

Happy Birthday to my sweetie!!!  Hope you had a great one!

iPhone Development with Flash is back!

The Packager for iPhone, which is a feature of Adobe Flash® Professional CS5 software and the Adobe AIR SDK 2.0.1 was not approved by Apple a while back.  This was very unfortunate, as there a lot of people that can write some great applications for iPhone using action script/Flash. However about a month ago, on […]

Gravity Forms

Here is a nice piece of software we use sometimes for WordPress forms.  Gravity Forms

Pick 6 carryovers…

Lots of big Pick 6 carry overs this weekend

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